Welcome to Tankwa Sky Holdings Pty Ltd, the home base for a number of small, successful businesses. Founded in 2013 by Melina Lewis, the company now consists of a number of unique and diverse businesses which stem from Melina’s philosophy of ‘why not?’.
At the centre of everything we do is a love for words, crazy ideas and strategies, and ultimately implementable solutions.
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Marketing and Communication

Tankwa Sky assists companies in developing relevant strategies which inform clear, directed and effective communication. We work with a mixture of companies, delivering on this ideal and are able to scale up or scale down the offering by bringing on board best of breed freelancers, who are able to implement in line with strategy (whether it be PR experts, media placement experts, designers and copywriters etc). Our core focus and strength is in assisting the client in solving the communication challenge and delivering on a solution.

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Books and Publishing

Melina Lewis is a Marketing and Communications specialist by day and Writer by night. She lives in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. For anything related to books and writing, connect with her on

Self Work and Mastery

Sometimes you just need someone to push the old you out of the way so the new you can burst forth.

Lewis and King offer you the push you need towards defining your flawsome awesomeness.
Flaws and all, you CAN be a work of art and a work in progress at the same time!

We help you rock the work in progress part… and leave you to the work of art bit!


The ‘I work for me podcast’ focuses on sharing the insights and learnings of amazing South Africans who run their own businesses and side hustles. Hosted by Melina Lewis, we aim to inspire you to start your own business and making your business dreams come to life! Connect with us to either be a sponsor of the show or to be featured on the show


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